ECONOMIC Pole Dance Mat 120 cm

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Thickness- 4cm, 10cm
Filling- PE foam (polyethlene) or PU foam (polyurethane)
Density- 170kg/m3, 35kg/m3
Covering- Leatherette


Filled with upholstery foam. M-Pole mattresses are soft. The thickness of 10 cm well protects at learning difficult tricks without assurance of an instructor. The mattress is perfect when it comes to falling from height – having shock-absorbent properties. The mattress is covered with eco- leather – a material easy to wash which is also produced with care. At the bottom part it is joined with Velcro, thanks to which the parts do not separate and the Velcro does not touch the skin.


The POLYETHYLENE filling with high density assures Comfort during practice, because feet do not immerse into the mattress. At falling from small height it amortizes, however it is not suited for exercises at bigger heights. A high density of the mattress makes the 4 cm of thickness enough to isolate a person from the floor after the fall.

In our warehouses the 10 cm ECONOMIC mattresses are usually in black. The waiting time for other colours and 4 cm mattresses is from 2 to 7 days. The cost of delivery:

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