Pole Dance Mat 180 cm

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Thickness- 4cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm
Filling- PE foam (polyethlene) or PU foam (polyurethane)
Density- 170kg/m3, 35kg/m3
Covering- Leatherette

Mattress 10, 15, 20cm:

Filled with POLYURETHANE foam (upholstery foam). M-Pole mattresses are soft. 
Thickness of 10 cm and more protects very well when you learn difficult tricks without the instructor's belaying. The mattress is ideally suited for falls from a higher height - performing amoralizing functions. They are covered with leatherette - the material is easily washable, it is also very carefully made. Bottom of mattress are connected with Velcro, which means that the halves don't run out and the velcro doesn't come into contact with the skin.

Mattress 4cm:

Filling POLETYLENE with high density causes comfort during exercise due to the fact that the feet don't collapse into the mattress. This kind of mattress absorbs falls from a small height, but is not suitable for high altitude exercises. The large density of the mattress makes it 4 cm thick enough to isolate the trainee from the floor during a fall. Mattresses 10 cm we have in stock in such colors black. For other colors, as well as for mattresses, 4 cm waiting time is 2 to 7 days.

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